Plagiarism, Grandstanding, Stonewalling & Sabotage

I've followed the KBA PAC closely for two years (and even been called "knowledgable" by PAC Chair Dave Riley). I've known one of the PAC-endorsed candidates for seven years. I don't believe they are acting in good faith. Here's my take on the plagiarism, grandstanding, stonewalling, and sabotage that has made interacting with these individuals quite unpleasant.


The curious source of KBA PAC materials deserves its own page; see Intellectual Dishonesty: Sowing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.


KBA PAC endorsed school board candidate Tom Mangan has made several negative claims about the district, but what are his sources, and why have these allegations come to light only on the eve of a school board election?


KBA PAC endorsed school board candidate Deb Eisnaugle lost the Dayton Daily News' endorsement for a second time. Here is what the News said two years ago:

[Ms. Eisnaugle] has contributed money to a group that doesn’t want to be accused of opposing the schools, even as it keeps raising questions that suggest the district wastes money. ...

Ms. Eisnaugle characterizes herself as a critic of the school board. She says she wants to do cost-benefit analyses of various decisions, but she’s otherwise vague about precisely what she would do differently. ... Most likely, Ms. Eisnaugle just doesn’t want to declare that she wants to cut spending, but doesn’t know how she’d do that. Her platitudes about “best practices” wear thin when the district has earnestly compared itself with others and made changes when it didn’t stack up well.

Why, after two years, are the KBA PAC and its endorsed candidates yet to produce a plan to achieve their goals?

Do they have a plan they are reluctant to share?


KBA PAC endorsed school board candidate Mary Collier has repeatedly testified at the State Capitol upon request of a Columbus lobbyist to maintain unfunded mandates that require Beavercreek tax monies to fund "superfulous courses:" Water Aerobics, History of Rock and Roll, Elizabethan Weapons and others. Lobbyists have successfully kept the General Assembly from implementing the relief which the district sought from this mandate. Can we trust Mary Collier to give Superintendent Morrison a fair performance evaluation given that he enlisted Representative DeWine's help to limit this unjustified use of taxpayer money?

Why, after railing against "superfluous courses" and badgering Superintendent Morrison to "leave no stone unturned," has the KBA PAC endorsed a proponent of an unfunded mandate for superfluous courses?